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alex_and_kit's Journal

Alex and Kit

This is the OFFICIAL journal of Alex and Kit

We decided it would be fun to try writing a LiveJournal together. So we've set up this LJ for exactly that reason!

Alex lives in Gresham -- and works in Portland (both cities are in Oregon).

Kit lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

The two of us met via online and started a special friendship that has bloomed into romance.

Alex is in her 20's and an administrative assistant. She has her own aparment where she lives alone (not far from her parents home). She's an only child who likes tattoos, long hair, wearing both dressy and masculine clothing (and showing a lot of skin when not at work). And loves rainbows!

She likes to nude sunbathe (when it's warm enough) and sit by the fire in the winter (when it's cold enough).

Kit works in public relations for a national non-profit with offices in L.A. -- so he both writes and talks for a living. He's fascinated by human communications and pop culture and loves putting these interests together on the internet at the multiple lists he's a member of (or co-moderates).

Kit's very close to his parents and siblings and still occasionally attends the Catholic church that he was raised in.

The interests listed are either for one or both of us--but not all are 'shared' interests. (Want to guess who likes what? LoL.)

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