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Alex and Kit's Journal
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Date:2003-10-30 08:07
Subject:^Guess Who? (big wave!)
Mood: happy

^Okay, don't get all shocked on me! I'm still around. I just never do anything. LoL.

^My bad, my bad!

^But maybe if I make the effort, Kit will, too. And then we can tell you what's going on in each of our lives. And with our relationship, too. And aren't you just dying to know? (Sure. *g*)

^So welcome me (and Kit, too). And I'll tell him how much everyone is just missing us terribly. LoL. And try to get him to do more than just moderate his lists. (YG has him so entranced sometimes. LoL.)

^I do feel bad he's having such a hard time getting people to participate at his AllForSlashWorld list, though. Poor baby! He wants to give out awards and everything!

^Okay, so I'm in early for work because of a meeting which is starting any sec. So I'm done for now.

^Hugs to each and every friend!


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Date:2003-07-14 15:58
Subject:Where did a week go?

It's already been a week since I returned from the Pacific Northwest, and I can't believe it!

I can't believe how great a time I had, and how much I miss Alex.

Work has been a bitch, of course. It took six days to catch up, and now I need to rush to a meeting. (Wish I were back in Portland, or Gresham.)

I certainly haven't been that great about posting to this journal, but anything is a big deal for me. So, I'm just glad I finally got started.

Greetings to all the great people up north who made my trip so much fun! You know who you are. I miss you!


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Date:2003-07-08 15:30
Subject:^Forgot to Mention...

^I started this big, long, rambling entry while Kit was still here, but I never finished it. So hopefully I'll do that and post it soon. (Maybe working on it will make me feel better, anyway.)


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Date:2003-07-08 15:26
Subject:^Missing Kit!

^I miss my darling, darling Kit (shares this Lj, by the way)...

^We had so much time together--but now he's gone and I feel so devastated. I can hardly face work, or my parents or anything. I just want to curl up with my kitty and cry. *sob*

^Baby, I love you so much! I wish you were still here!

^I need many, many cyber hugs today.


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Date:2003-07-01 13:14
Subject:Vacation is great!
Mood: relaxed

I don't want to make my friends who are currently at work feel bad, but being on vacation is a very good thing. And it's a lot of fun to be away from home and not have any pressures from friends or family (who always want me to find some of my 'spare time' to spend with them). And yet, it's not like I'm at a hotel or a resort or something. I'm just here with Alex, enjoying her corner of the world.

I'm surprised how much I like Portland. Most cities I visit I find something to like about them and more things to hate. So far I'm pretty positive about Portland (even though Alex technically lives in Gresham, a town east of Portland). And I can completely appreciate why Leo has raved about the outdoors around here. It's amazing.

The one thing Alex wants to be sure I see (aside from her favorite nude beach) is the Oregon Coast. Since I live so near the beach, she wants me to see the difference between the north coast and southern California. We might head to the beach tomorrow or Thursday. It's supposed to be nicer and nicer all week (but Alex says it's often horrible at the coast when it's nice in town). It's around a two-hour drive or less to the Oregon coast from where we are.

Alex has been great about letting me drive her car. I'm a controller when in comes to driving, and I get antsy when I'm the passenger. I know this is no small thing, so I wanted to note how generous she's been about it.

Thanks for all the welcoming comments I got to my first post here. It's fascinating to see people reading and posting. Someday I need to delve into my mixed feelings about this style of communication, but not today! After all, I'm on vacation!


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Date:2003-06-30 12:45
Subject:Here I am in Portland --
Mood: happy

It's a nice, cool day here. After a couple days of 90s, I guess we're having more typical Portland weather. Cooler and 70s. (There were even a couple showers this morning.) It's supposed to stay nice for my whole visit, so yes, we'll probably make it to the nude beach (if I can get over my phobia).

We spent much of yesterday with Leo and Johnny going up the Columbia Gorge and looking around. And the good news is, they're engaged! After two years together (almost to the day), they've decided to make a more permanent relationship. And that will mean looking for a place together and -- hardest of all -- telling Leo's parents.

Alex and I were thrilled to be part of the big day. We were at this fantastic spot called 'Starvation Creek' (where back in the 1880s a bunch of folks were involved in a train crash and were stranded over the winter and had to have food trekked in all the time -- nobody actually "starved") looking at an amazing waterfall, and Johnny and Leo went off by themselves and evidently Leo 'proposed.' Johnny complained it wasn't as romantic as it could have been, but the result is fantastic.

I was just watching the Agassi/Philipoussis match at Wimbledon (which is playing here right now), then I saw that Agassi had already lost in Nik's journal. (Nothing like being a west coast fan when events are happening elsewhere -- or even when they're happening on the west coast sometimes!)

We're spending a quiet day today, then having dinner with Alex's folks. We still haven't made up our minds about the 4th, but I guess we might end up running around to several places.

Alex is currently fixing something for lunch, and I was holding the cat on my lap until I decided to post. (Have I ever mentioned that I'm not really a cat person? So why does this animal love me so much?)

Greetings to all my LJ friends! Yes, this is the first time I've ever posted as 'myself' (rather than in a celebrity LJ), and it's actually not that big a deal.

Lunch is ready!


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Date:2003-06-29 10:44
Subject:^Wonderful Saturday Together!

^Well, Kit's showering, so I'll update. (Probably briefly and quickly, but an update is an update--right? LoL.)

^I drove out to pick Kit up at the airport from his early morning flight. Fortunately we'd both decided to go to bed early on Friday night (no party-girl-Alex stuff), so neither of us minded getting up early on a Saturday. (He'd had to get up early to make his flight and I'd gotten up early to be sure everything would be oh-so-tidy-and-nice when he arrived at my apartment!)

^His flight was on time! Fabu! So I packed him in and we had a nice drive back home to Gresham.

^Once we reached my apartment, Kit took only the time to unpack some of his things and stretch his legs before we went out again. (Poor baby! He's so tall that even that short flight from L.A. to Portland about kills him. Why can't they make some seats with a decent amount of leg room?)

^Anyway, I drove him around downtown Gresham so he could see how sweet and lovely it is in the full sun of summer! We visited the last weekend of Gresham's Farmer's Market (on foot) which was so much fun! I wanted to buy this plant for my parents, but Kit insisted on paying for it! Then he bought me the cutest little hand-painted sign for my kitchen. It says, "I Kiss Better Than I Cook." (I'll try and get it scanned somehow so I can post it here for everyone to see. It's darling.)

^And we visited the Museum (that used to be a library) and looked at all the old photos and things.

^Then we headed over to the Gresham mall and had Starbuck's. He had an iced Latte and I had my citrus and cream Tazo tea (that tastes like a creamsicle in a cup). Very refreshing after walking around in the very hot sun! It was in the 90's yesterday, so we were both baking while outside.

^We thought about doing some major shopping, but ended up only visiting Old Navy briefly before heading back to my place.

^Consider this the fade out scene. I'll leave this part to your very vivid imaginations. (Mainly for lack of time, as I think Kit's out of the shower now! LoL.)

^And dinner last night was totally fabu!

^Okay, okay, I've got to go. My man is waiting on me!

^Much more later!!!

^(Anyone care to ask why we slept in so late and are just getting a start on our day today? Feel free. LoL.)



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Date:2003-06-26 22:58
Subject:^Hello... Alex is in LOVE!

^Yes, we broke down and both said it! We're in love!

^I went to Cali for my sweetie's bday on Saturday. He's such a darling. You should have seen his face. He was totally, 100% surprised to see me!

^His younger bro Aaron aaronrocks/rocks_family helped me with my surprise. He arranged that he and Kit would go to brunch on Kit's birthday morning.

^So Aaron met me at the airport and gave me a chance to 'fix myself' before we headed to pick up Kit at his place. OMG! It was fabu. Completely!

^And then Aaron gave Kit this just perfect and awesome hotel suite as a bday gift. Oooooo. Lovely! And romantic!

^Yes, we even ate strawberries with champagne, just like all those terrif movies. LoL.

^He's just the best. Truly.

^We agreed we'll try to use this journal more. It's one of our romance/relationship goals, I guess.

^The weekend was just a whirl of passion and love. I've never been with a man who makes me feel such lust. God, he has a magic touch. And when he's inside me I feel perfect. Complete. (Corny, I know, but true, true!) And we just kept saying 'I love you, I love you' to each other. Ahhhh!

^By the way, seeing as we've never used this LJ, most people probably don't even know that Kit and I share this journal. Perfect, yes? Yes!

^And we're so totally gooey and schmoopy with each other.

^Best of all, he's coming to town for the Fourth of July!!! We'll have such fun together. LoL.

^(My parents are delighted! They totally adore Kit. What's not to love? LoL.)

^I'm in heaven. Well, in hell a little, too. Missing my baby! My man! Ohhhhhhh.

^Must go find some bluesy love song to listen to. I should be in bed (work tomorrow--and an early meeting), so I'll end.

^Waves and hugs to all,


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